How We’ll Add Meaningful Value to Your Startup

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Alumni Ventures is a network-powered VC firm. We are stage, sector, and geography agnostic, with more than $750 million raised from accredited investors. Our low-friction process and flexible check size are designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and lead VCs. We are strictly co-investors (800+ portfolio companies) and only invest when we believe we can add meaningful value to your company.

Our investment volume is growing.

AV has invested in over 750 unique portfolio companies.

The Alumni Ventures Advantage

Low Friction

We are fast and transparent, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our entrepreneurs and lead VCs.

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    We never ask for board seats.
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    We never negotiate terms.

Flexible Check Size

We adjust our check size to meet the dynamic requirements of the round or stage.

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    Example: We funded $50K of a $400K seed company raise.
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    Example: We invested $10 million in a $100 million round for a growth-stage company.


Our community of over 550K members is eager to help our portfolio companies.

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    We are deeply engaged in adding value to the CEOs of our 750+ portfolio companies.
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    We have 85K+ CXOs and Partners and 160K+ decision-makers in our community who can make warm introductions on the portfolio’s behalf and help us add disproportionate value to our portfolio companies..
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    We actively engage with our community of alumni from top-ranked U.S. universities.

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