A Deep Dive in FaithTech with The Yard Ventures

Identifying Opportunities in Faith-Based Tech

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Watch our on-demand, 30-minute deep dive into the often overlooked but growing FaithTech space. The Senior Associate Grant Demeter guides viewers through the high-potential world of B2C and B2B faith-based tech solutions.

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In the world of venture capital, products and services geared towards serving individuals and faith-based organizations are often overlooked in favor of other opportunities. However, as Grant Demeter highlights, faithtech represents an underserved market worth $130B in the U.S. alone. Learn how enterprising entrepreneurs are tapping into this space and sourcing opportunities with serious potential for both returns and market share.

About the presenter:

Grant Demeter
Grant Demeter
Senior Associate, The Yard Ventures

Prior to joining The Yard Ventures, Grant was an entrepreneur, management consultant, product manager, and VC investor. He was a founding member and editor-in-chief of the Morning Brew, a successful media startup which exited to Business Insider. As a senior consultant with Deloitte, he led projects focused on tech strategy. Within Deloitte, he incubated and managed a people analytics product, and co-chaired a new strategy practice focused on the future of work. As an active contributor to innovation within Harvard’s venture ecosystem, he has helped to operationalize a new tech-enabled, democratized investing platform, as well as a new venture debt firm — and has had the privilege to advise, support, and learn from many startups within the community. Grant earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, and his BA, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Michigan.