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The financial world is constantly evolving. Wealth managers must constantly seek innovative strategies to meet changing client preferences and stay competitive. Given market volatility, “me-too” alternative investment solutions, and client interest in more innovative and personalized investments, a menu of strictly standard investment options is no longer an option.

One strategy gaining traction is offering clients alternative assets such as venture capital (VC) investments. Adding venture to a client’s alternative investment assets can have multiple benefits:

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    VC is largely uncorrelated to the public markets, making it appealing from a portfolio construction and diversification perspective.
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    Portfolio appreciation

    More companies are staying private longer. Venture can offer early access to groundbreaking innovators, often at attractive pre-public market valuations - especially at the early stage.
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    Competitive returns vs. public markets

    VC has outperformed the public market equivalents over the past 5, 15, and 25 years.
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    Competitive returns vs. many other alts

    VC has been the top-performing alternative asset class over the last decade.

Sources for the above claims.

Partnering With Alumni Ventures

Alumni Ventures offers wealth managers both education and solutions to include venture capital in client portfolios.
The company was built to serve the needs of individual investors. Here’s how we can bring that experience to help your client’s investment goals and objectives

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    Education on venture industry, important deal considerations, investment trends, and portfolio construction
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    Assistance with client asset allocation and vintage diversification planning
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    Product support to ensure you have the right solution for your client
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    Ongoing fund support, with comprehensive reporting on new and realized investments, quarterly performance reporting, and regular portfolio updates
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    We leave client management to you; the rest is on us.

AV’s Thought Leadership

AV regularly offers blogs and webinars providing insights into innovative technology, new business models, and noteworthy venture trends. Below is a small sampling of our content.

Our Solutions

AV offers a range of solutions, from diversified to thematic. Most funds raise capital annually, deploy over a 12–18-month investment period, and then harvest investments over the remaining 10-year fund term. We have turnkey solutions for both accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

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    Core venture portfolio consisting of ~20-30 companies diversified across stage, sector, region, and lead sponsor.
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    Portfolios of ~15-20 companies targeting a sector, stage, or thesis — such as Seed Investing, Women Founders, Artificial Intelligence, HealthTech, and more.
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    Curated portfolio of follow-on investments with existing portfolio companies. Diversified by sector, geography, and lead sponsor. Only available to qualified purchasers.

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