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Explore products and services by Alumni Ventures' portfolio companies.

Alumni Ventures has invested in over 1,000 exciting companies, and dozens of them offer products and services that make innovative holiday gifts.

We invite you to browse our AV Store, where you will find everything from biodegradable sneakers and molecular spirits to luxury mobile lodging and online personal training. Surprise your loved ones with an innovative gift — or take this opportunity to treat yourself. We think you’re worth it.

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Intelligent sensor that improves muscle recovery

Precise. Compact. Insightful. ‍ Pact Sense is a muscle scanner packed with sensors that scans your muscles and determines their condition to create the perfect warm-up or recovery sessions for your body.

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Helping families preserve and share their stories

Remento helps people discover, document, and more deeply appreciate their family story in a new way. The company’s first product, the Remento iOS app, makes it easy to host a conversation with a family member that uncovers precious memories of their past. Remento guides these conversations by recommending tailored conversation prompts, each of which has been carefully crafted by Remento’s network of memory experts, brain scientists, and professional storytellers.

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