What's New In Holograms? Hear from Looking Glass Factory CEO Shawn Frayne

Cainon Coates, Shawn Frayne

Holographic displays are part of a burgeoning market expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2024. However, traditional 3D hardware has been designed with inconvenient usability, often requiring headgear and other components to function. Issues with form, performance, and cost have prevented widespread holographic adoption. 

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Shawn Frayne and his colleagues at Looking Glass Factory are working to revolutionize how we experience 3D holograms, making it easier and more comfortable for everyone to enjoy. Alumni Ventures portfolio company Looking Glass Factory is building the next generation of digital viewing experiences with fully functional holographic displays, no headgear required. The Looking Glass 65″ holographic display is viewable by groups of 50 people, and generates up to 100 different perspectives of 3D content from 100 million points of light every 60th of a second, making it look real for simultaneous viewers. 

Hear from Looking Glass CEO, Shawn Frayne to learn more about the company, current developments, and their experience working with Alumni Ventures. The conversation is led by Managing Partner Cainon Coates. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Alumni Ventures, and one of our many portfolio companies.

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About your presenters

Shawn Frayne
Shawn Frayne

CEO, Looking Glass Factory

A graduate of MIT, Shawn Frayne has been reaching towards the dream of the hologram for over 20 years. Shawn got his start with a classic laser interference pattern holographic studio he built in high school, followed by training in advanced holographic film techniques at MIT. He has been awarded dozens of patents around the world, the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, and noted as one of the ‘20 Best Brains Under 40’ by Discover Magazine. 

Shawn serves as co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass Factory working between their Brooklyn, NY and Hong Kong offices.

Cainon Coates
Cainon Coates

Managing Partner, Castor Ventures

For the past 15 years, Cainon has worked with startups as an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Previously, he helped co-found several companies, including: Viafy (acquired by Constellation Software [TSX:CSU]), Human Design Medical (merged with Breas Medical of General Electric [NYSE:GE]), Triangle Research Labs (acquired by Lonza [SIX:LONN]), Revive Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Concordia Healthcare [TOR:CRX]), and University Laundry (acquired by a national operator, then Procter & Gamble’s Tide [NYSE: PG]). Cainon also worked at PBM Capital (a $500M healthcare-focused VC firm), Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Goldman Sachs, and NASA. He has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a BS from the University of Virginia in Systems and Information Engineering.

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