Harnessing Nuclear Fusion to Produce Critical Medicine: A Conversation with Greg Piefer CEO of Shine Technologies

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Many scientists see fusion as the future of energy. Per National Geographic, fusion is a “clean, plentiful fuel so efficient Earth’s entire annual supply could fit in a swimming pool. That’s the dream, but the science is there, too.”

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Wisconsin-based Shine Technologies is building a scalable approach to fusion that also solves significant problems along the way like the production of medical isotopes molybdenum-99 and lutetium-177 and the inspection of industrial components with nondestructive testing methods.

Watch above to hear more about this fascinating company in an exclusive, insightful interview with the visionary CEO of SHINE Technologies, Greg Piefer. With nearly two decades of executive management experience in technology companies, Greg is a passionate advocate for harnessing scientific advancements to serve and better humanity. Armed with a PhD in nuclear engineering and a background in physics and electrical and computer engineering, all from the prestigious University of Wisconsin–Madison, Greg brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront of innovation.

Our host, Greg Baker, a Managing Partner of Alumni Ventures funds Bascom Ventures and Towerview Ventures, has a track record of over 100 investments in pioneering companies like SHINE Medical, Axiom Space, and many more.  

Be part of this exciting conversation as we explore the dynamic fusion of science, technology, and humanity’s betterment.

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Greg Baker
Greg Baker

Managing Partner, Bascom Ventures & Towerview Ventures

Greg has been a Managing Partner with Alumni Ventures since 2017. He is the Founder of Bascom Ventures and runs Towerview Ventures and has made more than 100 investments as a member of Alumni Ventures. These investments include: American Gene Technologies, SHINE Medical, Mission Bio, Axiom Space, Matchwell, and many others. Prior to joining AV, Greg was a highly accomplished executive with experience in corporate leadership, business development, startups, M&A, strategic planning, and more. He spent much of his career growing businesses in the electrical products, packaging, and chemical industries. Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin (’86) and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University (’91).

Greg Piefer
Greg Piefer

Founder & CEO, SHINE Technologies

As founder and CEO of SHINE Technologies, Greg has nearly 20 years of executive management experience at growth-stage technology companies. His passion is the growth of technology companies that take scientific advancement to commercialization, providing the opportunity to serve and better humanity. Greg holds a PhD in nuclear engineering and BS degrees in physics and electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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