Cracking the Code: AI, Mental Health, and the Ellipsis Health Story

Mainul Mondal, Co-Founder and CEO of Ellipsis Health, on Revolutionizing Mental Health Assessment with AI

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In this conversation, Greg Baker interviews Mainul Mondal, Co-Founder and CEO of Ellipsis Health. Join us as Mondal shares his background growing up in Bangladesh and more on his company; which aims to be a mental health co-pilot for every clinical interaction.

“This kind of technology… is going to have a massive impact on not just [health] assessments, but faster [heatlh] care pathways.” — Mainul Mondal, Ellipsis Health

In this video, Mainul Mondal from Ellipsis Health shares his background, growing up in Bangladesh in a family that believed in public service and innovation for the masses. He discusses his company, Ellipsis Health, which aims to be a mental health co-pilot for every clinical interaction.

Mondal walks through how Ellipsis Health uses AI to analyze natural conversation and provide objective measurements of mental health to help identify issues like depression and anxiety more quickly and accurately. Mondal also discusses the challenges of building a team and company culture in a virtual environment, and his personal motivations for tackling the problem of mental health assessment.

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