One Startup to Know: Pact

Learn how Pact's innovative products are helping athletes achieve peak performance while ensuring long-term health and wellness

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Welcome to One Startup to Know. This series examines some of AV’s most impactful and innovative portfolio companies that exemplify our investment ethos.

This week, meet Bridget Hunter-Jones, Founder and CEO of Pact — an investment we sourced through our MIT connections.

Bridget received her first patent at age 16, and went on to MIT to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Watch our interview with Bridget to learn how she’s now leading her startup Pact to develop innovative health and fitness solutions to improve the muscle recovery process for athletes.

One Startup You Need to Know: Pact

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Pact has developed adaptive health and fitness hardware and software solutions to make the muscle recovery process for athletes more effective. The company’s solutions provide a highly customized solution to each individual’s muscles, helping athletes of all abilities perform at their peak, feel better, and live longer.

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