Masterclass Live! How Ring Ventures Evaluates a Deal

Watch an on-demand presentation about Ring Ventures hosted by Executive Partner Rob Adams. In this session, you’ll discover how to evaluate a deal, walk through the process our own investment team uses to invest in promising startups and learn how you, too, can invest in startups just like this through Ring Ventures.

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Post Webinar Summary

Rob Adams, an executive partner at Ring Ventures presented on Ring Ventures, a fund focused on the Aggie community. It is one of about 30 funds under Alumni Ventures, which has around $1.5 billion in assets and over 1,300 portfolio companies. The presentation covers venture capital basics, deal evaluation processes, and Ring Ventures’ investment strategies, highlighting the importance of revenue generation, quality lead investors, and experienced management teams in their rigorous deal assessment.

Ring Ventures is Alumni Ventures’ fund for Texas A&M alumni and friends of the community.

During this session, we discussed:

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    Determining if a prospective deal fits in with your overall diversification goals
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    Understanding the time horizon of venture investments
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    Performing due diligence and reviewing the typical types of materials available in a deal
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    Weighing some of the challenges, key risks, and how to factor into the ultimate decision
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    Tracking companies after investment and the purpose of portfolio monitoring
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    More details about Ring Ventures
About Alumni Ventures

Note: You must be accredited to invest in venture capital. Important disclosure information can be found at av-funds.com/disclosures

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Rob Adams
Rob Adams

Executive Partner, Ring Ventures

Rob is a former entrepreneur, institutional fund manager, and software executive. He has served on many corporate boards and has founded or financed more than 40 companies, raising capital in both public and private markets. He is an internationally recognized expert and speaker on innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. Most recently, Rob was on the faculty of The University of Texas at Austin, where he taught entrepreneurship in the MBA program and was the Founder and Director of Texas Venture Labs. He was CEO and Founder of Business Matters, a venture-backed developer of financial modeling products that was acquired. He was also an executive with Pervasive Software, a company he helped take public. Rob holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue, an MBA from Babson’s Olin School of Management, and a PhD in Management from Capella University.

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