Advice on Going from 0 to 1 from a Unicorn Founding Team

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Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Alumni Ventures Seed Fund Managing Partner Ron Levin, who will share his entrepreneurial insights alongside TravelPerk co-founder Javier Suarez.

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Post-Webinar Summary

In a webinar hosted by Alumni Ventures, the founding team of TravelPerk, a unicorn company, shared their experiences and advice on starting a company. The team emphasized the importance of having a clear vision, a strong team, and a commitment to solving a real problem. They also discussed the challenges of raising capital and the importance of building a strong company culture. Javier also shared their journey from TravelPerk to their current venture, Oliva, a mental health startup. They highlighted the importance of maintaining personal well-being and understanding the difference between real problems and emergencies in the startup space.


We delve into the foundational strategies that turned TravelPerk into a unicorn company, offering invaluable tips for founders in their first year.

Learn from their experiences in picking co-founders, talking about your ideas to attract a community of stakeholders, and the critical role of advisors in early-stage ventures. Gain firsthand knowledge on raising capital, the importance of valuation, and the necessity of going to market early. This webinar promises to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the tumultuous first year of startup life. Watch now for an opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

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    Explore how, through Alumni Ventures, individual investors can invest in venture capital to back groundbreaking startups like this.
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    Gain firsthand accounts of building a unicorn startup from the ground up, directly from the founders.
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    Discover essential strategies for choosing the right co-founders and team members who complement your vision and skills.
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    Learn how to effectively raise initial capital and the significance of not overvaluing your startup too early.
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    Understand the importance of advisors, stakeholder communities, and customer feedback in the early stages of your venture.
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About your presenters

Ron Levin
Ron Levin

Managing Partner, Seed Fund

Ron has spent his career in a variety of entrepreneurial, leadership, and business development roles. He has been an angel investor and advisor to over a dozen technology startups. Ron was Co-Founder and CEO of TravelPerk, a VC-backed travel management platform that is now a “unicorn” company with thousands of employees and customers across the globe. Prior to TravelPerk, he started the B2B division of Booking.com and before that was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. Ron began his career at Lycos, one of the web’s pioneer search engine and web portals. Ron graduated from Babson College and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the author of the impact-focused Higher Purpose Venture Capital Blog.

Javier Suarez
Javier Suarez

Co-Founder, TravelPerk

Javier Suarez is the CEO and Co-founder of Oliva, a mental health platform for companies that aim to significantly impact their teammates’ lives and their organization’s performance. Previously leading innovation at Booking.com, Javi ventured into the travel industry by founding the startup TravelPerk, where he also served as CPO. Over five years, he built the co-founding team, developed the platform, including global inventory from scratch, grew the team by 10x, and onboarded thousands of organizations as customers worldwide, establishing TravelPerk as Europe’s fastest-growing tech startup according to SaaS1000. His proudest achievement is managing to build a family alongside his career.

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