VC 101: The Stages of Investing

Learn about the characteristics of the different stages of investing

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Luke Antal

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Understanding the nuances of the different stages of investing can help accredited investors determine proper allocation and even estimate growth potential. In this episode of VC 101, AV Co-Founder and CCO Luke Antal discusses the specific characteristics of seed, early, and growth-stage companies and the benefits of having a diversified portfolio containing all three. 

From seed rounds offering the highest potential investment opportunities, to early-stage companies showing growing traction, to growth-stage companies with reduced risk, all stages of investing can contribute to a diversified, well-positioned portfolio.  That’s why Alumni Ventures believes accredited investors should invest in highly diversified venture portfolio across all stages of investing.

Watch the following video with AV’s Co-Founder and CCO Luke Antal as he provides an insightful overview of investment stages and the advantages of including each one in your venture portfolio.

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Luke Antal
Luke Antal
Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer, Alumni Ventures

Luke Antal is a Co-Founder of Alumni Ventures and is an experienced startup and tech executive with a focus on marketing, sales operations, and customer experience. As the firm’s Chief Community Officer, Luke has built and oversees many of the processes, systems, and teams that contribute to the firm’s fundraising initiatives. He has scaled many startups as a founder or employee #1. He is the Founder of the AV Venture Fellow Program, which is a one-of-a-kind career accelerator and educational experience that is a groundbreaking on-ramp to a career in VC. Luke has an AB in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College.

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