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AVTV features Capital Rx, the fastest-growing pharmacy benefits management platform (PBM) in America

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AVTV features Capital Rx, the fastest-growing pharmacy benefits management platform (PBM) in America. AVTV videos feature Alumni Ventures’ portfolio companies sharing their stories and asks with our community of 550K+ subscribers.

Today we hear from Matt Gibbs, President of Commercial Markets at online, cloud-native, pharmacy benefits management platform Capital Rx. In this video, Matt shares what motivated him to join Capital Rx, the company’s unique business model, plans for the future, and his ask from the AV community.

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Company Ask: Refer Capital Rx to Your Employee Benefits Team

Want to lower your healthcare costs? Click below to refer Capital Rx to your employee benefits team.

Capital Rx is the pharmaceutical industry’s first online, cloud-native PBM to connect buyers (employers and health plans) with drugmakers. The company’s online platform provides price transparency and operational efficiency through services like formulary management, prescription claims processing, and clinical utilization programs. Their ethical framework removes the artificial wall between pharmacies and plan sponsors, saving their clients 27% on average. Click here to read more about Capital Rx.

AV Funds invested in Capital Rx: Castor Ventures, 116 Street Ventures, Westwood Ventures, and Lakeshore Ventures

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