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For patients and physicians, finding the best treatments to combat illnesses or medical conditions can be challenging because of the sheer number of solutions available. This is also a challenge for marketing and sales teams at pharmaceutical companies, who have to connect patients and physicians with the right medications and treatments at the right time. With pharma companies spending around $15 billion on digital advertising annually, it’s critical to be able to efficiently direct resources and messaging to those that most need it.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company ODAIA has created a powerful, AI-driven platform to solve this need. This platform — called MAPTUAL — uses robust data sets and predictive AI modeling to help pharma companies target patients and doctors who can best utilize life-altering treatments and medications. We believe that MAPTUAL’s real-time data feed will create obsolescence risk for elite consulting firms (at the product level, not overall!) who can charge over 5x more for information provided only once or twice a year.

Detailed Data Streams and Behavior Modeling

The key feature of ODAIA’s platform is helping companies predict patient and physician behaviors so they can better allocate marketing and sales resources. MAPTUAL users can access streams of data spanning healthcare provider engagement, patient support programs, claims, prescription records, physician-authored publications, and demographic information across specific regions.

The platform’s AI processes these data streams to develop specific insights into a customer base, helping sales and marketing teams work smarter by reaching physicians more effectively. As an example, each physician is assigned a score based on certain data and objectives for a given sales team, providing the team with the best targets and channels for outreach.

What We Like About ODAIA

Impressive Margins: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products typically yield high gross margins approaching ~80%.

Strong Lead Investor: Lead investor Flint Capital has a strong track record of SaaS investments. Examples include WalkMe ($287 million IPO), BlazeMeter (acquired by CA Technologies for $90 million), CyberX (acquired by Microsoft), and Loom Systems (acquired by ServiceNow). Flint typically invests at the Seed and Series A stages in enterprise software, financial technologies, health technologies, artificial intelligence, automation, consumer mobile applications, and marketplaces. Besides providing capital, the firm helps introduce companies to the U.S. market.

Seasoned Executive Team: The team features a solid mix of large company and startup experience. CEO Philip Poulidis founded two companies prior, both of which resulted in eight-digit exits.

How We Are Involved

Triphammer Ventures (for the Cornell community) sponsored Alumni Ventures’ investment in ODAIA, alongside sibling fund Castor Ventures (for the MIT community) and AV’s Total Access Fund. Together, the funds participated in ODAIA’s $13.8 million Series A led by Flint Capital.

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