Office Otter: Increasing Workplace Productivity and Unlocking Upward Mobility

Centralized communication task management platform offering on-demand insights

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Office operators (Office Managers, People Ops, IT, Facilities, HR, and Enrolled Agents) are critical to company success as they ensure protocols are in place so that businesses run smoothly. However, modern workplace tools are outdated and inconvenient, making it difficult for operators to monitor workplace productivity and implement timely changes.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company Office Otter is solving these problems by promoting and empowering upward mobility for Internal Operations roles. The company’s centralized communication task management platform offers a priority dashboard, project organization templates, performance reports, and communication integration to centralize action items from Slack, Email, text, and more.

Company Inspiration and Product Value

Office Otter was founded in 2020 by Shayanne Wright and Jordan Boudreau, who were both driven by the need to champion the successes of office operators. Wright’s experience in working with small and medium-sized businesses helped her glean meaningful insights from hundreds of interviews conducted to finetune the value proposition. Having previously worked in Sales roles focused on small and medium-sized businesses, Wright leveraged her experience to conduct 100 customer interviews before launching.

Office Otter quickly exceeded user growth projections. More than 1,250 companies currently use their service, and they have achieved a 100% month-over-month user growth increase since 2020.

Office Otter provides most of its services through its freemium model. Additional services, such as reporting and collaborative tools, require a monthly fee per user.

Founders Shayanne Wright and Jordan Boudreau

Recent Funding Round and How We Are Involved

Alumni Ventures’ Seed Fund (for seed and pre-seed investments) participated in Office Otter’s recent $1.6 million funding round. The company will use this capital to grow its technical team, expand product offerings, build out a user-led roadmap, and invest in marketing and acquisition channels. The company also has plans to add new features such as:

  • Calendar integrations
  • Organization-specific workflows and company-wide process documentations
  • Employee-facing Otter Bot accessible in all channels (Email, Slack, text)
  • Automating repetitive/simple tasks, to be completed by the Otter
  • Organization-specific automated workflow and tasking AI
  • Management dashboard for an overview of work done by the Office Otter bot

Other participating investors in this round include Bonfire Venture, the 1517 Fund, Titan Fund, Invariantes Fund, Beresford Ventures, and Root and Shoot Ventures.

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