Sustainment: Leading the Charge in Supply Chain Resilience

SaaS platform empowering the fragmented ecosystem of American manufacturers

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Sustainment is a SaaS startup connecting the fragmented ecosystem of 250,000 American manufacturers with their customers to enable resilient, diverse, and local supply chain networks.

Many industries are still feeling the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, 38.8% of U.S. small businesses are struggling with supply chain delays due to the pandemic’s impact on the global economy. While manufacturers recognize the need to reduce dependencies on foreign suppliers, U.S. companies have no coordinated system to find the critical suppliers they need at home.

Enter Sustainment, a SaaS startup that connects the fragmented ecosystem of 250,000 American manufacturers with their customers to enable resilient, diverse, and local supply chain networks. The company’s software empowers U.S. manufacturers to find and engage with the critical suppliers they need to develop and manage U.S.-based supply chains.

One Step Ahead

Sustainment is solving the problem of manual, inefficient systems at the back end of the industrial supply chain, starting by aggregating information from thousands of U.S. machine shops. The company’s platform incorporates data infrastructure technology, algorithm-based matching and optimization, encrypted transfer protocols, and semi-autonomous sourcing techniques to provide an intuitive customer experience for sourcing teams and manufacturing vendors.

The demand for this software is high, and — as the first mover in this space — Sustainment is well positioned to be a leading name in the U.S. manufacturing revival. The company has already validated demand through high-value contracts that will encourage suppliers and large enterprises to standardize around Sustainment’s software tools and workflows.

What We Liked About Sustainment

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    Well-Manufactured Model

    ustainment is launching with a high-margin recurring revenue model and has the ability to charge transaction fees and data at scale. It has a natural moat as suppliers join the platform to work with anchor customers.
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    Strong Leadership

    Co-Founders Bret Boyd and Michael Morford are the ideal fit for this market. They have previously started and scaled businesses serving the public and private sectors.
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    Exciting Market

    Sustainment is entering the $718 billion global maintenance, repair, and operations market.* They have an immediate $52 billion opportunity represented by the machine shop services market that is seeing tailwinds from geopolitical and macroeconomic shifts.**

How We Are Involved

Congress Avenue Ventures (for The University of Texas at Austin community) sponsored Alumni Ventures’ investment in Sustainment’s $2.1 million seed round in 2021 (led by Blackhorn Ventures) and a $12 million Series A in 2022 (led by Unless Partners).

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