Episode #21: Transforming 911: The New Company Updating These Lifesaving Calls

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Join Mike Collins on the Tech Optimist as he explores Rapid SOS’ revolutionary impact on emergency responses with CEO Michael Martin. Learn how this innovative company utilizes AI and data from connected devices to provide critical information to first responders, enhancing public safety and reshaping emergency communications globally. Hear inspiring stories of lives saved through advanced technology, from pinpointing accurate emergency locations to facilitating rapid medical interventions.

Episode #21: Transforming 911: The New Company Updating These Lifesaving Calls

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In the latest episode of The Tech Optimist podcast, we have an insightful conversation with Michael Martin, the CEO of Rapid SOS. We discuss how his company is revolutionizing 911 services with advanced technology. Rapid SOS is currently operational in six countries and aims to expand globally, making their life-saving technology accessible to more people. They are also utilizing AI to effectively manage the large volumes of data they process. Join us as we explore the future of emergency response and the innovative work of Rapid SOS in creating a safer world.

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Mike Collins
CEO, and Co-Founder at Alumni Ventures

Mike has been involved in almost every facet of venturing, from angel investing to venture capital, new business and product launches, and innovation consulting. He is currently CEO of Alumni Ventures Group, the managing company for our fund, and launched AV’s first alumni fund, Green D Ventures, where he oversaw the portfolio as Managing Partner and is now Managing Partner Emeritus. Mike is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple companies, including Kid Galaxy, Big Idea Group (partially owned by WPP), and RDM. He began his career at VC firm TA Associates. He holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Michael Martin

Michael Martin is the CEO of RapidSOS, an intelligent safety platform built over 10 years and $300M+ in R&D. RapidSOS uses AI to structure critical life-saving data from hundreds of millions of connected devices into 16,000+ public safety agencies in six countries. In 2023, RapidSOS supported 170 million+ emergencies with 3.3 billion emergency data payloads — supporting the heroic efforts of first responders.

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