Venture Deep Dives: Synthetic Data

Learn how synthetic data is changing the $387 billion AI industry

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Peter MacEwan

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In this series, we hone in on a specific element of venture capital with one of our investing experts.

Today I want to recommend our Deep Dive on synthetic data presented by Lakeshore Ventures Managing Partner Justin Strausbaugh. Justin has invested in companies across the U.S., Europe, and Israel from Seed stage to Series D and has been a board observer for 10 companies. Before venture capital, Justin traded derivatives in the global markets for eight years and then co-founded a financial markets education and research business.

Watch Justin’s Deep Dive into Synthetic Data

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Justin’s extensive deep dive examines the rapid adoption of the $387 billion AI industry and the startups that are utilizing computer-generated datasets used to train these types of machine learning algorithms. The field has immense potential to reshape not just the tech industry, but virtually all other markets and verticals.

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