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A custom and curated source of news on the companies in your venture portfolio

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Now available in your Investor Portal, the Personalized News Feed is a custom and curated source of news on the portfolio companies that are in your various venture fund portfolios.

In addition to news from trusted third-party sources, we’ve also added exclusive and private updates written by our AV investment teams based on the proprietary information flow directly from our portfolio company CEOs.

To learn more about this tool, watch this video below, presented by our Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer, Luke Antal, where he elaborates on what you can expect to see in your personalized feed.

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Luke Antal
Luke Antal
Co-Founder, CCO, & Director of Strategic Initiatives

Luke is a Co-Founder and the Chief Community Officer of Alumni Ventures and an experienced startup and tech executive with a focus on marketing, sales operations, and customer experience.

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