Alumni Ventures Blockchain Fund

We partner with leading companies across stages and geographies to empower a blockchain economy.

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Dedicated Blockchain Specialists

We support projects in all stages of development, across the entire blockchain ecosystem via both equity and token investments.  We eagerly root for founders who are building empowering products that will make a positive impact in a meaningful way.

  • Access to Connections, Capital, Customers
    Access to Connections, Capital, Customers

    Our dedicated CEO Services team partners with our founders to leverage our network of 7,000 investors and 550,000+ community members to create customer introductions, offer domain expert support resources, and growth capital.

  • Flexible Check Sizes
    Flexible Check Sizes

    As collaborative co-investors committed to partnering with leading early stage investors, our highly flexible investment mandate enables us to write initial checks between $100,000 – $5M and follow-on checks from $500,000 to $10M+.

  • Conviction Driven & Fast Moving
    Conviction Driven & Fast Moving

    We’re a decisive and founder-friendly team built to operate at the speed of the early stage venture market, enabling us to build conviction and fund our investments quickly, often in as little as two weeks.

Our Companies

We partner with companies pushing the boundaries of blockchain.

AV manages the Blockchain Fund spring vintage with an investment team led by Edward Tsai and the fall vintage with an investment team led by Ray Wu. Each investment team may collaborate with the other but each is responsible for investing its own capital.

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