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Our Foundation Fund is our newest fund offering ~20-30 companies, fully diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead investor. Visit our Foundation Fund page for more details.

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    Every new investment we make
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    ~50 - 75 investments per quarter diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead manager
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    Investments sourced by our entire team of 40+ full-time venture investment professionals
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    Co-investing alongside other established venture firms
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    Includes access to deal Syndications
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    Notable investments: Sondermind, Lessonly, Axiom Space
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    Part of Alumni Ventures, America's Largest Venture Firm for Individuals and a "Top 20 Venture Firm" (CB Insights '24)

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We invest alongside other established venture firms in a broad range of ventures to help build you a diversified venture portfolio.

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