116 Street Community Newsletter — January 2023

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IN THIS ISSUE: Join a webinar on January 12, February 2, or 4; don’t miss your chance to diversify your portfolio; read a story on MedCrypt; portfolio news; and more.


Top 10 Questions Prospective Investors Ask Us

Join one of our upcoming webinars with Managing Partner Ludwig Schulze for answers to the top 10 questions prospective investors ask. Ludwig will review the goal and structure of the fund, the value of our model, the benefits of diversifying into VC, and more. Click below to learn more and register:

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Diversify Your Portfolio

116 Street’s 2022 Fund is closing soon! If you would like to diversify your portfolio in these times of public market volatility, please visit our fund portal to learn more and join us, or schedule a 1×1 call for specific investing questions.

116 Street Portfolio Spotlight

MedCrypt has developed a security platform that provides medical device manufacturers with advanced protection from cybersecurity threats. The company’s platform helps prevent unauthorized access or misuse of an enterprise’s medical devices by authenticating users, encrypting data, and monitoring malicious behavior. Read Feature Story »

116 Street Portfolio Company News

Carputty modernizes auto financing and ownership by providing buyers with an evergreen financing line to buy and sell cars without completing new loan documentation. The company recently raised a $12.3 million series A led by Fontinalis Partners and TVV Capital. This funding will help accelerate the development of Carputty’s data-driven platform and expedite the nationwide availability of this new auto financing. 116 Street deployed capital in Carputty’s $7.2 million seed round led by Kickstart Fund in August 2021.

Visit Your Club Portal

We invite existing investors to visit your Club portal for updates from Managing Partner Ludwig Schulze and our team, including webinars and events, Syndications, portfolio news, and more. Visit Club Portal »

What’s New at Alumni Ventures

Learn about notable exits, uprounds, and investments from Alumni Ventures’ portfolio, including Knix, Robyn, Cultured Decadence, and more. Learn More »

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