Alumni Ventures: Our Approach to Redefining Venture Investing

Learn how Alumni Ventures has provided 10,000+ accredited individuals with access to the high-potential venture asset class

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Luke Antal

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Venture capital has historically only been accessible to large institutions and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Since 2014, Alumni Ventures has democratized this high-potential asset class, raising more than $1.2 billion from 10,000+ accredited individuals. In this edition of VC 101, our executive team explains why we believe that individual investors should consider diversifying their portfolios with venture.

In this video, our executive team explains how accredited investors can partner with Alumni Ventures to diversify their portfolio with venture capital. Panelists include:

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In this video, we review:

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    Supporting Groundbreaking Companies

    "When investors look back at the 25 to 30 companies in their portfolio, they can look at that and say each one of those companies has the potential to be amazing.” -Laura Rippy
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    Diversifying with Venture Capital

    "We have hundreds of thousands of people that are in our community that have a tremendous network that adds value to our portfolio companies." -Mike Collins
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    Alumni Ventures’ Distinct Model

    "Alumni Ventures also provides all of the back office administrative services that are required to keep the operations going.” -Luke Antal

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