Venture Deep Dives: Prescription Digital Therapeutics

Learn how PDTs could disrupt the $534B pharmaceutical industry

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Peter MacEwan

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In this series, we hone in on a specific element of venture capital with one of our investing experts.

Today I want to recommend our Deep Dive on Prescription Digital Therapeutics presented by Green D’s Managing Partner, Laura Bordewieck Rippy. Laura has served as a serial CEO, Chairman, Board Member, Advisor, and Executive in high-tech companies. Her experience spans consumer to enterprise, mobile to fintech, SaaS to eCommerce, seed to Fortune 50.

Watch Laura’s Deep Dive into Prescription Digital Therapeutics

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Laura’s deep dive into prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) is an eye-opening examination of an entirely new prescription treatment market that has recently emerged and gained strong momentum during pandemic-era lockdowns. Popular mobile applications such as Headspace and Noom allow users to develop mindfulness and adopt weight loss regimens, respectively, all from their smart devices and in the comfort of their own homes.

As the research and development costs of traditional medications and treatments climb, doctors and clinicians are increasingly turning to PDTs to help improve patient outcomes without the financial cost. Laura’s research puts the PDT market at roughly $6-7 billion, making this pharmaceutical industry disruptor a compelling venture investment opportunity.

I hope this presentation shows you how PDTs have immense potential not just for the end users whose health benefits from them, but the potential these therapeutics have to disrupt the wider pharmaceutical industry.

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