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AVTV features Goodles, a food company making high-protein, nutrient-dense mac & cheese

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AVTV features Goodles, a food company making high-protein, nutrient-dense mac & cheese. AVTV videos feature Alumni Ventures’ portfolio companies sharing their stories and asks with our community.

Today we hear from Jen Zeszutthe CEO and Co-Founder of Goodles — a food company making high-protein, nutrient-dense noodle dishes. The company’s popular mac & cheese line contains healthy alternatives made with nutrients extracted from organic veggies and other plants, real cheese, amped-up protein, and three times the fiber, enabling customers to have healthy options in the instant food category. In this video, Jen discusses the big idea behind Goodles, what makes their mac & cheese unique, what is special about the Goodles team and community, and the company’s ask from the AV community.

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Estimated View Time: ~3 Minutes

Company Ask: Try Goodles!

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Goodles is a food company that makes high-protein, nutrient-dense mac & cheese. Some of the company’s products include cheddy mac and twist my parm. Click here to learn more about Goodles.

AV Funds invested in Goodles: Purple Arch Ventures and Total Access Fund

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