Growth Fund Investment Spotlight: Persefoni

AVTV features Persefoni, a platform helping organizations measure, analyze, plan, forecast, and report on their carbon footprint

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AVTV features Persefoni, a climate management and accounting platform that helps organizations measure, analyze, plan, forecast, and report on their carbon footprint. Persefoni is a past investment in our Growth Fund, which offers existing AV investors a portfolio of exclusively follow-on investments with growth potential.

Hear from Kentaro Kawamori, CEO and Co-Founder of climate management and accounting platform Persefoni. In this video, Kentaro shares why he founded Persefoni, what the big idea behind the company is, Persefoni’s core mission, and more.

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About Persefoni

Persefoni has developed a platform to help organizations measure, analyze, plan, forecast, and report on their carbon footprint. The company leverages AI to provide a detailed picture of an enterprise’s carbon footprint, simplifying sustainability reports and disclosures for businesses and investment portfolio companies. Read More »

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