Clarium Health: Streamlining Medical Supply Chains

A dedicated platform for reducing waste & improving patient outcomes

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Clarium Health optimizes and streamlines operations for hospitals and healthcare providers to enhance resource allocation, reduce waste, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The global pandemic served as a brutal stress test for medical supply companies and medical care providers the world over. Virtually every type of supply a hospital needs to function effectively — including ventilators, toilet paper, and masks — were subject to severe shortages. For the first time, hospitals struggled not only to serve critically ill patients, but to simply source instruments and supplies needed to function.

In the wake of the pandemic, many care providers are now re-examining their supply chains to reduce waste and increase the efficiency of their operations. Alumni Ventures portfolio company Clarium Health offers a modular platform that helps hospitals and other medical providers enhance their resource allocation.

Creating a Provider-Driven Solution

Clarium’s solution is based on a deep understanding of the unique complexities of the healthcare sector. The company is positioning itself as a valuable partner for organizations seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their supply chain operations.

Clarium developed its product offering in partnership with several major healthcare systems. It established pilot programs with each partner and deployed its product across multiple departments and users, integrating their feedback into the end product along the way. The result is a platform designed from the bottom up to address a medical provider’s core needs.

What We Liked About Clarium Health

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    Strong Pilot Program

    Clarium has established successful pilot programs with prestigious healthcare providers including Boston Children's Hospital, over the course of roughly a year.
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    Huge Market Potential

    With a serviceable addressable market (SOM) valued at $2.6 billion,* Clarium possesses large market potential with medical suppliers. The opportunity is immense given the industry's annual losses exceeding $25 billion due to supply chain inefficiencies.
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    A Sticky Product

    Clarium's platform integrates into providers' workflows, offering quantifiable ROI. This stickiness reduces the risk of displacement by competitors, as providers appreciate the efficiency gains delivered by the platform.

How We Are Involved

116 Street Ventures (for the Columbia community) sponsored Alumni Ventures’ investment in Clarium’s $2 million SAFE round led by Hidden Lake.

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