How Do Exits Work?

Alumni Ventures Policies for Potential Exits

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Alumni Venture’s investment strategy is to co-invest alongside established lead VC firms. At exit, we seek to monetize our position expeditiously. At times, there might be exceptions, which we will address in this piece.

At Alumni Ventures, we can not guarantee positive returns, however, we work to follow strong principles that will increase the potential of a return.

  1. Our goal is to maximize investor value by running a structured process that over time and across many situations will lead to the best outcomes.
  2. We recognize the limits to our forecasting abilities.
  3. We act consistently across all of our investment funds (Alumni, Focused, Total Access, etc.)
  4. We value transparency, communicating with our investors, and distributing capital as expeditiously as possible.
  5. When judgment is required to exit an investment, we turn to our Investment Committee for a decision. Our Investment Committee is
    made up of senior investment professionals who have extensive experience and have been trained in the Alumni Ventures scoring system.
  6. We believe every exit event is an opportunity to learn and reflect. Sponsoring Investment Teams typically prepare an exit memo
    summarizing key facts and learnings from each investment.

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