Introduction to AV for Entrepreneurial and VC Partners

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We are pleased to work with a variety of entrepreneurs and venture firms. As strict co-investors, we only invest when we believe we can add meaningful value to you. We welcome inquiries if you have an investment opportunity or just want to get acquainted.

Alumni Ventures Is Unique

Here are a few things you should know about us.

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    Fund Offerings

    As reflected in our name, Alumni Ventures offers 20+ funds for individuals associated with specific schools (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn, etc.). We raise new fund vintages on an annual basis.
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    Inventor Base

    Our 8,000+ investors are accredited individuals, giving AV one of the largest investor bases in the venture industry. Our investor community is special, rooted in alumni connections. They invest in us, in part, to pay it forward to our portfolio companies.
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    Active Supporter Network

    Our subscriber and supporter network consists of over 600k community members, providing our portfolio and partners with unique connections and value-added services.
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    Large, Dedicated Team

    AV has ~50 investment professionals, located in five venture hubs across the country. In addition, our Office of Investing coordinates and systematizes an investment process with the help of ~100 back office staff.
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    Process-based, Disciplined Investors

    AV follows a discovery and due diligence process that is systematic and thorough, offered at a light touch to our partners.
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    Portfolio Diversity

    We specialize in offering our investors portfolios diversified across sector, stage, and region, closely representing the U.S. venture industry.

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Benefits of Working with AV

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    Helpful Partners

    We are fast, transparent, easy to work with, and devoted to helping our portfolio companies win. We don’t set or negotiate terms or sit on Boards, but we roll up our sleeves when asked.
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    Flexible Check

    While we are minority investors, we have the ability to flex up. Our initial checks post-Seed are generally $500K to $3 million, with follow-on rounds up to $10 million. AV’s network of funds help one another and co-invest together. We also syndicate opportunities to our investor network. But no matter how many of our funds participate in a round, companies receive a single check, delivered quickly.
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    Value-Add Network

    Through AV’s value-add network of 600k+ community members, we look to help companies with warm introductions to sources of revenue, industry experts, and talent. Our network is committed and connected, with many members from top schools who are one degree of separation from anyone.
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    Tremendous Deal Flow

    Given the number of funds and annual vintages we manage, we are very active venture investors — the 3rd most active venture firm in the world, per PitchBook's 2021 Annual Global League Tables.* There are currently over 1,000 companies in our portfolio.
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    Approachable and Open

    Alumni Ventures has broad investing interests. We are open to deals across all stages, sectors, and regions.

Interested in a particular AV fund? We want to hear from you!

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