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We’re pleased to welcome Alex Attard-Manché as a Principal for The Yard Ventures

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We’re pleased to welcome Alex Attard-Manché as a Principal for The Yard Ventures, Alumni Ventures’ fund for Harvard alumni and friends of the community. Alex is experienced in strategy, operations, and investing, with a particular passion for investments within the media, technology and sports, and consumer industries. Read more about her background and why she decided to join AV.

Alex Attard-Manché
Alex Attard-Manché
Principal, The Yard Ventures

Alex is a Principal at The Yard Ventures and is experienced in strategy, operations, and investing. Prior to The Yard, she was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bertelsmann, working within world-leading divisions across publishing, music, and TV, as well as Bertelsmann investments (who has over $1 billion invested). She began her career in London, firstly within media research at a leading European boutique firm before moving into strategy consulting and then working at the BBC. She has experience as an investor at two Boston-based venture capital funds and has a particular passion for investments within the media, technology and sports, and consumer industries. Alex received her BA and MA in Theology from the University of Oxford, Trinity College and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

What’s your connection to Harvard?

I went to Harvard Business School from 2018-20, section C! Whilst there I enjoyed participating in classes not only at the Business school, but also at the Divinity and Kennedy schools.

I still live in Boston and I try to come back to campus as much as possible to be inspired by current students and to attend events.

Tell us about your background. What roles did you hold prior to joining The Yard?

I have been lucky to have had a wide range of strategy, operating, and investing roles. I used my Theology degree from Oxford University to jump into being a media analyst focusing on e-commerce and music. From there, I joined OC&C Strategy Consultants for three years, performing projects for both strategy and private equity clients in London and Paris.

During my time at HBS, I worked at two Boston-based venture funds: Cue Ball Capital and Victress Capital, where I doubled down on my passion for media and female-founded investments. For two years after business school, I enjoyed working as an operator and investor, being entrepreneur in residence at one of the largest media conglomerates, Bertelsmann, and innovating within their publishing, music, TV and investment divisions.

I was born in NYC, but I grew up in London, UK. I am also from Malta and try to visit my grandparents and cousins there frequently.

What sparked your interest in VC, and why did you decide to join The Yard?

On my final day as a Strategy Consultant, a colleague asked me, “Have you ever considered joining VC?” This planted the seed in my mind to explore the industry, and then I was hooked. I adore the focus VC places on the people side of entrepreneurship — meeting founders, learning about their missions, and being privileged enough to help is a unique opportunity.

The Yard Ventures attracted me because we are industry agnostic, meaning we are nimble enough to find the best deals in many fascinating industries. Additionally, we are able to write check sizes to suit the startup and their round — I really enjoy participating in a large range of deals. My teammates are rockstars and the Harvard relationship of The Yard is an added bonus!

Given the macro environment, with inflation and a potential recession, I’m excited to find companies that will persevere despite the challenges.

I’ve always been fascinated by communities, which is why I have a deep passion for media investments and the metaverse. On the personal level, I am addicted to sports (particularly tennis, but I’m learning the U.S. ones!) and so I’m excited by sports and wellness tech. I will also be on the lookout for companies with diverse founders.

What are the three most important lessons you’ve learned on your VC journey?

  • People Power: A team is only as strong as its people. Creating the right culture for success and total teamwork is critical.
  • Eye on the Prize (Vision): Twists and turns are to be expected, but sticking true to the core mission is an important North Star when things get murky.
  • Curiosity Is King: Keeping an open mind can lead to some awesome opportunities!

Which resources or sources of inspiration (podcasts, books, blogs, mentors, etc.) are most useful to you on a regular basis?

I’ve been a regular reader of Benedict Evans’ newsletter for years and I couldn’t recommend it more (Benedict and I worked together at Enders Analysis, before he moved on to Andreesen Horowitz).

I listen to The Daily podcast each morning and then the FT to make sure I’m aware of business headlines. I enjoy Strictly VC and TechCrunch for more industry-specific news. To keep up my endeavor of learning U.S. sports, I also like to read content by The Athletic and The Gist!

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