One Startup to Know: Unspun

Unspun develops size-free custom clothing based on your 3D avatar

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Welcome to One Startup to Know. This series examines some of AV’s most impactful and innovative portfolio companies that exemplify our investment ethos. This week, we’re showcasing Unspun — a company that creates size-free custom clothing based on your own 3D avatar. Their 3D weaving technology can weave clothing at over 4x the rate of current methods.

Clothes shopping can be an emotional and anxiety-ridden task, as sizing often fluctuates significantly across brands. This week, we are highlighting a company developing size-free, custom clothing made just for you.

Unspun is a 3D weaving technology developer that can manufacture clothing at over 4x the rate of current methods. The company’s unique hardware and software solution scans a body, creates a 3D avatar, and uses 3D weaving to create the ideal garment. Not only does this process reduce waste by removing the need to hold excess inventory, but it also creates a completely customized piece of clothing.

Alumni Ventures invested in Unspun’s $14 million Series A in June 2023 led by Lowercarbon, with participation from SOSV, Climate Capital, Signia Ventures, and MVP Ventures. We previously participated in the company’s $7.5 million seed round in 2021 led by entrepreneur Josh Buckley. See below to learn how you can access exciting seed-stage opportunities with our Seed Fund.

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One Startup You Need to Know: Unspun

In this video, CEO and Co-Founder Walden Lam breaks down how Unspun is reinventing the fashion industry, the mission behind the brand, and the importance of size-free clothing. 

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Unspun is leading an evolution in fashion manufacturing practices with the creation of 3D weaving technology allowing for made-to-order, customized clothing produced at scale. The company has created a 3D printing of textiles that can weave clothing at over 4x the rate of current methods and works with various material inputs.

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