ThreatWarrior: Intelligently Detecting Cyber Threats

Identifying and analyzing threats to digital networks in real time

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The cybersecurity market is expected to grow to $345.4 billion by 2026. While companies are increasingly investing in their cybersecurity infrastructures, few have updated their defenses to take advantage of advanced, automated solutions. Additionally, the demand for improved threat protection is becoming increasingly significant due to the growing number of devices on the web with expanded capabilities.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company ThreatWarrior addresses this need through a cloud-native threat intelligence platform designed to stop known and unknown cyber threats in real time. The company’s security technology and services provide comprehensive, predictive protection against threats — including advanced and emerging threats, insider attacks, ransomware, malware, and more.

Better Threat Protection

The rise of decentralized IT models, IoT, and various iterations of cloud environments has created new risks for enterprises. ThreatWarrior’s platform enables organizations to see everything happening on their network, learn the behavior of all communications across their enterprise, and act efficiently to stop threats that other solutions miss. Through three key components, the company’s platform keeps data safe from even the most sophisticated threats. 

  1. Adaptive Security: ThreatWarrior evolves with a network. The company’s Cyber Immune Response™ technology transforms and adapts to new risks in a constantly changing cyber landscape.
  2. Widespread Visibility: ThreatWarrior delivers global oversight of the enterprise security ecosystem, empowering deep forensic analysis, advanced threat detection, insight into past events, and situational awareness.
  3. Return on Investment: ThreatWarrior reduces false positives, unnecessary alerts, and resource consumption — improving the efficacy of a customer’s security team and helping mitigate the expenses associated with security breaches.

ThreatWarrior has strong moats across its offerings. Its initial product has attracted significant customer, partner, and even strategic acquirer interest in a short time frame due to its unique neural network design with six different engines that all work together. These engines include deep packet inspection, behavioral, roles and policy, cloud entity detection, insights, and integrations. This is beneficial, for example, because if just one “behavioral” engine is introduced, it is easier to fool and cannot effectively contextualize the information without human intervention. The company’s solution is sold as an on-premise SaaS solution or a combo-based on customer needs and charges by the number of sensors deployed.

Impressive Founder & Early Traction

ThreatWarrior’s Founder Pete Slade has a long track record as a cybersecurity expert. His experience includes building systems for national intelligence agencies, advising government officials on cybersecurity, assisting in shaping the U.S. cybersecurity policy, and contributing to the Cyber Shield Act of 2019. Pete has spent three years building the company’s systems and has committed much of his own capital to the endeavor. 

ThreatWarrior’s CEO Bruce Coughlin and the rest of the team have shown impressive go-to-market strategies, heavily focusing on ramping up sales. As a result, they have already seen rapid progress, with various partners planning to sell their products. The company’s differentiated offering has also been validated by the leadership team before joining, early paying customers, Google / CrowdStrike, and the lead investor who has partners with deep expertise in the field. 

How We Are Involved

Purple Arch Ventures (for the Northwestern community), Ring Ventures (for the Texas A&M community), and AV’s Deep Tech Fund deployed capital in ThreatWarrior’s $10 million Series A alongside Ecliptic Capital and Falcon Fund — the venture arm of CrowdStrike launched in partnership with Accel. Alumni Ventures and Falcon previously co-invested in cybersecurity platform JumpCloud.

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