VC Masterclass: Performing Diligence

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Welcome to VC Masterclass. In this series, we’ll help you think like a VC by offering an expert point of view on venture capital investing.

Welcome to VC Masterclass. My name is Anton Simunovic and I’m the Chief Investment Officer at Alumni Ventures. In this video series we help you think like a VC. Today we’ll briefly talk about the due diligence process.

One of the cornerstones of making a successful venture investment is to conduct the right diligence, with consideration for stage, sector, and even the business model of the underlying opportunity. There is no shortage of factors to consider, ranging from the stage of the investment to the composition of the company’s management team.

It’s my job to ensure we run a rigorous and disciplined process before we put your capital to work. Watch this week’s class to learn about a few areas we evaluate before we make an investment here at Alumni Ventures.

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What's Involved in Performing Diligence
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