Venture Deep Dives: The Future of Work

Discover how the shift to remote work, hard economic times, and new frontier tech is changing the future of work

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In this series, we hone in on a burgeoning VC sector with one of our ~50 investing experts. This week, Senior Principal Pete Mathias delves into the promising field of what he refers to as “Mrs. Doubtfire Tech.” This emerging sector, which he estimates could grow into a $100 billion industry, offers solutions to help individuals juggle multiple jobs.

The traditional organizational work chart is getting turned upside down. To keep up with economic changes, individuals are being “sneaky” by working multiple jobs at once. So, how do we handle this new wave of work?

Companies like AirBnB and freelancing platform Upwork are creating tech that enables job pluralism. As the future of work turns to the “double dipping” of income streams, companies can choose to embrace and accommodate these changes or fall behind.

To learn more about how this burgeoning new technology opportunity, please watch Alumni Ventures’ deep dive into the Future of Work presented by Green D Senior Principal Pete Mathias.

AV’s Deep Dive into The Future of Work

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