AI Sector Spotlight: Healthcare and Drug Discovery

This series examines significant artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data innovations in key sectors of the economy

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The rapid adoption of practical artificial intelligence has left few parts of the economy untouched. The potential of AI technology promises to reshape and disrupt the creation of art and media, medicine, law, and other age-old disciplines. In this series, we examine the effects and opportunities of AI integration in key sectors of the economy. Below you’ll find a spotlight on healthcare and drug discovery, with examples of investments from our AI Fund portfolio.

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Healthcare and Drug Discovery

One of AI’s most promising advances could be how it redefines the healthcare experience for patients. AI may reshape healthcare by enhancing medical imaging and diagnosis. Through machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze vast amounts of medical data, aiding in the detection of diseases. It could also enable personalized medicine by leveraging patient-specific information to develop tailored treatment plans and medication regimens. These advancements could empower healthcare professionals with invaluable insights for informed decision-making.

In the realm of drug discovery, AI may accelerate the process of identifying promising drug candidates. By analyzing complex biomedical data, AI algorithms can facilitate the discovery of innovative therapies. It has the ability to simulate molecular interactions, predict drug responses, and optimize drug design, and bring breakthrough treatments to market faster than before.

Key Sector Data Points:

AI-Driven Healthcare Companies in AV’s Portfolio

Bionic Health is building a platform that combines longevity medicine and AI through the capabilities of GPT-4. Users will have access to unique, AI-driven modules focused on identifying the best solutions for improving their physical health and mental well-being. Read More »

How We’re Involved: $3 million seed round with participation from IDEA Fund Partners, Studio VC, and AI Operator Fund

Why Alumni Ventures Invested in Bionic Health

Alumni Ventures Managing Partner Greg Baker highlights some of the reasons we decided to invest in Bionic Health, including the company’s expert founding team, early access to GPT-4 through a partnership with Microsoft, and potential to tap into the massive consumer health market.

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Merit provides a digital credentialing system for issuing, verifying, and tracking a variety of professional credentials. For example, the platform can host digital medical licenses for doctors and serve as a centralized tool to manage and mobilize emergency response teams.

How We’re Involved: $50 million Series B led by Rose Park Advisors, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz and Experian Ventures

NeuraLight has developed an AI-driven platform that accelerates and improves drug development, monitoring, and care for patients with neurological disorders. The platform’s proprietary deep-learning algorithms extract and integrate a host of digital eye-movement markers from facial videos taken with a smartphone or webcam.

How We’re Involved: $25 million Series A led by Koch Disruptive Technologies, with participation from Samsung NEXT

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