Bionic Health: AI-Powered Health Guidance

Augmenting doctors with AI to help users live healthier lives

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Alumni Ventures portfolio company Bionic Health is developing a consumer health platform powered by GPT-4. With the help of Microsoft, Bionic plans to scale its services by augmenting doctors with AI to deliver optimal health guidance.

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Ray Wu

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Jack Statza

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Empowering Doctors with AI Insights

While artificial intelligence (AI) is far from the first groundbreaking healthtech innovation, it’s positioned to be one of the most impactful. AI could help the healthcare industry save up to $360 billion annually by improving clinical quality and safety, detecting adverse events, and streamlining continuity of care and referral management. Some reports even suggest that patients prefer when ChatGPT answers their healthcare questions.

Bionic Health is building a platform that combines longevity medicine and AI through the capabilities of GPT-4, the latest edition of OpenAI’s popular chatbot. Users would have access to unique, AI-driven modules focused on identifying the best solutions for improving their performance and recovery, diet and nutrition, and mental well-being.

Managing Partner Greg Baker on Bionic Health

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Bionic is working in partnership with doctors to complement in-person visits. This approach is intended to deliver a more scalable and customizable platform than a purely digital solution. Patients and physicians would pay a membership fee to access Bionic’s platform and reinforce the changes needed to optimize a patient’s health between visits.

Full membership features are expected to include:

  • Unlimited follow-ups via video, voice, and text messaging
  • Individualized treatment, medication, and/or supplement plans
  • Access to diagnostic testing for hormones, genetics, and more

What We Liked About the Company

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    Expert Founding Team

    CEO Robbie Allen previously founded several tech and AI startups like Automated Insights, a generative AI company acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $80 million.* CMO Jared Pelo is a former ER physician and previously founded iScribes, an ambient documentation technology startup acquired by Nuance Communications.**
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    Partnership with Microsoft

    Bionic has access to GPT-4 through a close relationship with Microsoft, which recently accepted the company into an incubation program.
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    Massive Market Opportunity

    The consumer health market is projected to more than double in value over the next decade, reaching $781.5 billion by 2030.***

How We’re Involved

Towerview Ventures (for the Duke community) sponsored AV’s investment in Bionic’s $3 million seed round, alongside AI Operator’s Fund, IDEA Fund Partners, Operator.VC, Studio VC, and Tweener Fund. AV’s AI Fund, Healthtech Fund, and Total Access Fund also participated in the round.

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*Alyson Shontell, “A Startup That Uses Robots To Write News Gets Acquired for $80 Million in Cash,” Business Insider, February 23, 2015

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