Alumni Ventures Invests in Pioneering In-Game Advertising Platform Anzu

AV CEO Mike Collins Interviews Anzu CEO Itamar Benedy About Tapping Into the Attention Economy

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MANCHESTER, NH, JUNE 5, 2024Alumni Ventures (AV), one of the world’s most active venture capital firms, is proud to support Anzu, the most advanced intrinsic in-game advertising platform. Anzu has raised $65 million to date from AV, PayPal Ventures, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s 021 Fund, Sony Innovation Fund, NBCUniversal, Samsung Next, Marquee Ventures (associated with the Chicago Cubs), and others.

Anzu addresses a significant gap in the advertising industry: the underutilization of gaming as a medium for brand engagement. Despite the substantial time consumers spend in gaming, advertising dollars have been slow to follow. Anzu allows brands to incorporate advertising into the virtual worlds of popular games, including seamless product placements such as billboards in racing games, branded content in sports simulations, and logos on in-game characters and objects.

Co-Founder and CEO Itamar Benedy recently appeared on AV’s Tech Optimist podcast to explain how Anzu has revolutionized the way brands interact with consumers within gaming environments.

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“We’re glad to have investors like Alumni Ventures recognize our platform’s potential to transform brand marketing,” said Benedy. “We’re excited to continue expanding our partnerships and enhancing our technology to make in-game advertising a staple for brands worldwide.”

Anzu has rapidly gained traction with prominent gaming and advertising partners. The company’s technology integrates seamlessly across various mobile, PC, console, AR/VR, and cloud gaming, allowing brands to engage with gamers without disrupting their immersive experiences.

“We’re excited to continue expanding our partnerships and enhancing our technology to make in-game advertising a staple for brands worldwide.”
Itamar Benedy
Co-Founder and CEO, Anzu

“Anzu is at the forefront of a major shift in advertising, bringing immersive brand experiences directly into the gaming world,” said AV Founder and CEO Mike Collins, who hosted the conversation with Benedy on AV’s Tech Optimist podcast. “Their innovative approach captures the attention of a highly engaged audience while setting broader best practices for digital advertising.”

Anzu is the most advanced intrinsic in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and the metaverse. Anzu’s in-game ads put players first and help advertisers reach audiences programmatically in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. A patented 3D ad tracking engine, the first to bring viewability measurement in-game with Oracle Moat and IAS, and partnerships with trusted AdTech vendors make Anzu the preferred in-game advertising partner. Learn More »

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