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The Future of Digital Fitness & Training

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Future is a digital fitness and training services platform helping people make personal fitness work with their schedules.

Fitness tech and wellness monitoring gained significant traction amid the pandemic. The global digital fitness market is now projected to reach $137.5 billion by 2027* thank yo the rise of wearable smart devices and user-friendly apps.

Future is a key player in the space that’s well-positioned to grow with this trend. The company connects users with personal trainers remotely that help make personal fitness work with their schedules. Future’s model has attracted over $110 million** from established VCs like Khosla, Kleiner Perkins, and Alumni Ventures.

Exclusive Offer for AV Community Members

For the Alumni Ventures community, your first month of online personal training with Future is just $1.00.

I invite you to watch an interview with Future CEO Rishi Mandal to learn about his inspiration behind founding Future, how the platform works, its unique features, and the company’s ask of the AV community

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Future is a digital fitness platform where users are paired with an elite coach who personalizes workout programs based on a user’s goals and schedule. Future coaches have trained professional athletes and Olympians and are available to work with members exclusively on the Future app. Click here to learn more about Future.

AV Funds invested in Future: Spike Ventures, Congress Avenue Ventures, Post-COVID Fund, Total Access Fund, and the Alumni Ventures Syndicate.

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