One Startup to Know: Inkbit

AVTV features Inkbit, the developer of a multi-material 3D printing system for advanced additive manufacturing

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Welcome to One Startup to Know. This series examines some of AV’s most impactful and innovative portfolio companies that exemplify our investment ethos. Today we’re showcasing Inkbit, the developer of a multi-material 3D printing system for advanced additive manufacturing backed by established industry partners like 3M.

Inkbit has developed a multi-material 3D printing system for advanced additive manufacturing. Since spinning out of MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab in 2017, Inkbit has raised over $45 million from established industry partners like 3M and Stratasys. In this video, Davide Marini shares how he became the CEO of Inkbit, what problem the company is solving, what has surprised him since launching Inkbit, and more.

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About Inkbit

The capabilities of 3D printing are driving advancements across industries, such as rapid prototyping, improved product quality and consistency, and reduced manufacturing costs. As a result, the global 3D printing market is projected to reach nearly $106 billion by 2030.

Inkbit is addressing this large market by creating a multi-material 3D printing system for advanced additive manufacturing systems. Through a unique process called vision-controlled jetting (VCJ), the company’s platform integrates machine vision systems and AI technologies to offer better reliability, throughput, precision, and quality.

How We’re Involved

  • $30 million Series B in 2021 led by Phoenix Venture Partners LLC, with participation from 3M, Stratasys, and others

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