Episode #3: Divorcing Divorce Lawyers

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In this episode of Tech Optimist, we explore transformative technology and entrepreneurship. First, AV Partner Pete Mathias discusses the future of AI infrastructure with Brian Mengwasser, CEO of Edgescale AI. Next, AV CEO Mike Collins and Principal Naren Ramaswamy dive into pressing topics for entrepreneurs and VCs. Finally, Erin Levine, CEO of Hello Divorce, shares innovative approaches to improving and simplifying the divorce process.

Episode #3: Divorcing Divorce Lawyers

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In this episode, AV Partner Pete Mathias interviews Brian Mengwasser, co-founder and CEO of Edgescale AI, a company that aims to bring AI into everyday applications by simplifying and abstracting cloud technologies. They discuss the growth of Denver as a startup hub, the importance of infrastructure in AI applications, and the potential impact of AI on productivity. Next, AV CEO Mike Collins and Principal Naren Ramaswamy dive into pressing topics for entrepreneurs and VCs. The episode wraps with a conversation with Erin Levine, founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, a platform that offers a simpler and more affordable alternative to traditional divorce proceedings.

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The show is produced by Alumni Ventures, which has been recognized as a “Top 20 Venture Firm” by CB Insights (’24) and as the “#1 Most Active Venture Firm in the US” by Pitchbook (’22 & ’23).


Creators and Guests


Mike Collins
CEO, and Co-Founder at Alumni Ventures

Mike has been involved in almost every facet of venturing, from angel investing to venture capital, new business and product launches, and innovation consulting. He is currently CEO of Alumni Ventures Group, the managing company for our fund, and launched AV’s first alumni fund, Green D Ventures, where he oversaw the portfolio as Managing Partner and is now Managing Partner Emeritus. Mike is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple companies, including Kid Galaxy, Big Idea Group (partially owned by WPP), and RDM. He began his career at VC firm TA Associates. He holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Erin Levine
CEO and Co-Founder of Hello Divorce

Erin Levine is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hello Divorce, a platform that allows you to divorce online for a fraction of the cost and in 1/3 of the time, with all the expert legal and finance help you need.


Brian Mengwasser
CEO of Edgescale AI

Brian Mengwasser, CEO of Edgescale AI. He is a founder, entrepreneur, technologist, and investor focused on advancing the frontier of wireless connectivity.


Pete Mathias
Partner, U.S. Strategic Tech Fund

Partner Pete Mathias, a seasoned investor in national interest sectors with a deep public policy background, leads AV’s U.S. Strategic Tech Fund. He was formerly a Senior Director at the $1.5B+ venture capital arm of Bertelsmann across the EU, China, and U.S. startup ecosystems. Additionally, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Council on Germany and was appointed by the U.S. Department of State as a cultural attaché. He holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, an MBA from Tuck School of Business, and a Distinction graduate degree in the U.S.


Naren Ramaswamy
Principal, Spike & Deep Tech Fund at Alumni Ventures

Naren combines a technical engineering background with experience at startups and VC firms. Before joining AV, he worked with the investing team at venture firm Data Collective (DCVC) looking at frontier tech deals. Before that, he was a Program Manager at Apple and Tesla and has worked for multiple consumer startups. Naren received a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In his free time, he enjoys teaching golf to beginners and composing music.

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