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Service delivery & constituent engagement platform for governments

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Winning an election is a rewarding and exciting accomplishment. However, the work doesn’t end there for elected officials. They also have to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with their constituents. Additionally, individual voters communicate through digital channels more than ever before, resulting in a higher expectation of receiving fast and personal responses.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company Indigov is helping elected officials engage, connect, and build trust with their voters. The company has built a service delivery and constituent engagement platform for governments that enables congressional members to respond to the billions of messages they receive every year — in minutes rather than months.

Better & Safer Communication

Indigov’s constituent service platform integrates into every communication channel, including websites, scanned mail, Facebook, Twitter, and phone calls. In addition to reducing average response time from weeks and months to minutes, Indigov’s tagging system also identifies trends and tracks information related to common constituent inquiries, all while managing information safely and securely. The company leverages encryption and security standards trusted by over 120,000 companies and federal and state government agencies, including the FCC, the EPA, and the GSA.

Indigov’s platform serves elected officials across the country at all government levels, including mayors, county councils, governors, and more. The company allows these individuals to send outreach messages to constituents based on specific characteristics, establish a cadence for message sending, and produce newsletters and emails in minutes. One inbox controls all communications, while reporting and analytics services allow tracking of trending topics, communications by channel, and team performance.

What We Liked About Indigov

First Mover Advantage: There are currently no other players focused on creating a tech platform to provide constituents with better communication and quick response. Indigov is serving this fresh market and has enlisted many elected officials, lobbyists, and influencers to help them with new opportunities and reduce sales cycles.

Prominent Market Opportunity: GovTech is a ~$400 billion market heavily focused on service delivery systems — with the U.S. Government processing 53 billion service requests yearly. Indigov is directly tapping into this large market opportunity and currently serves the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Air Force, the NYC Board of Elections, as well as the Michigan, Oklahoma, and Florida State Legislatures.

Experienced CEO and Team: Indigov CEO and Founder Alex Kouts is an advisor to 100+ congressional offices. Previously, he was Head of Product at Countable; Head of Product at Causes; Founder of Deployed; and Advisor to Disney, ABC, ESPN, Lloyds Bank, and others. Alex has built a strong network of congressional and elected officials who have helped him understand the problems they face and assisted in seeing Indigov adopted.

How We Are Involved

Spike Ventures (for the Stanford community) sponsored Alumni Ventures’ investment in Indigov’s $25 million Series B alongside sibling fund Chestnut Street Ventures (for the Penn community) and AV’s Total Access Fund. Other participating investors included Tusk Venture Partners, 8VC, Wicklow Capital, Align Ventures, and Valor Equity Partners.

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