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Sales representatives are an essential part of a company’s success, helping close deals and bring in new customers and clients. However, many sales teams are struggling to do their jobs efficiently due to fragmented tools, inefficient prospecting, compliance concerns, and other issues that clog the sales process. Lead generation, in particular, is one of the biggest concerns, with 51% of sales professionals struggling with efficient, effective prospecting.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company LeadIQ is helping sales teams thrive with their modern sales prospecting platform to improve outbound efficiency. Customers receive complete control of their top-of-funnel sales process — from lead searching and list building to lead capturing and management, lead importing, and corresponding insights and analytics. 

Early Traction, Future Potential

LeadIQ’s model is trusted by sales teams at Twilio, Mulesoft, and Okta. According to one lead of commercial sales,  “LeadIQ has been a gamechanger for us. We’ve been able to get into more top-of-the-funnel conversations while driving a more cohesive prospecting strategy.”

LeadIQ employs a tiered pricing strategy that scales depending on the number of users. With each tier, customers gain access to more advanced features, custom integrations, and dedicated support from LeadIQ’s customer success team. 

While the company has already demonstrated impressive growth and retention with its core customers in B2B software and IT, it has only touched a small fraction of the available market. LeadIQ has increased spending on workflow automation and a potential expansion to business services, taking advantage of a projected $15 billion market opportunity.

Impressive Founding Team and Lead Investor

CEO Mei Siauw is a repeat founder who has experienced the problem that LeadIQ is addressing firsthand. Before LeadIQ, Mei spent ten years in product management at Oracle, driving product strategy and go-to-market initiatives. She has assembled a seasoned founding team from eBay, Trulia, Google X, and more with deep technical and industry expertise.

Lead investor Cathay Innovation is tapping its network to help Mei build out the rest of the executive team. To date, Cathay has supported LeadIQ by introducing prospective candidates in the finance, analytics, investor relations, and strategy functions to the management team. Moving forward, Cathay believes its international presence and fund structure will support LeadIQ as it expands its business in the enterprise and mid-market segments. 

How We Are Involved

Green D Ventures (for the Dartmouth community), Chestnut Street Ventures (for the Penn community), and Triphammer Ventures (for the Cornell community) deployed capital in LeadIQ’s $30 million Series B led by Cathay Innovation. Part of AV’s allocation was also raised via Syndication.

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