Can Venture Capital Change the World?

Ron Levin’s new book explores 50 disruptive startups that say, “Yes!”

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At Alumni Ventures, we believe the work of builders, makers, and creators will help the world take its next great leap forward. We also believe that many opportunities exist in spaces where underrepresented entrepreneurs are aiming to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. In his new book, Higher Purpose Venture Capital, AV Managing Partner Ron Levin profiles 50 companies that are solving problems related to social and wealth inequality — including multiple AV investments. See below to learn how some of these startups are aiming to do well while doing good.

Ron Levin on Higher Purpose Venture Capital

In this video, AV Managing Partner Ron Levin discusses Higher Purpose Venture Capital, his new book on dynamic, socially-conscious entrepreneurs. Ron explains his inspiration behind the book and the role VC can play in addressing global poverty and societal challenges.

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Higher Purpose Venture Capital by Ron Levin

A new generation of dynamic, socially conscious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are stepping in to fill in gaps that governments have been unable to solve. Learn about 50 venture-backed startups that are uplifting humanity through social and financial inclusion.

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AllHere combines AI, behavioral science, and interactive nudges to foster attendance and engagement in K-12 education. It automates personalized, two-way text messaging with chatbots to improve attendance rates and guide students and families through school.

How We’re Involved

  • $8 million Series A in 2021 led by Spero Ventures, with participation from SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund

AV Funds Invested in AllHere

Aprende Institute is a leading online education platform for vocational training in LatAm and the U.S. Hispanic market, offering an array of online certifications and courses. The platform integrates digital media with instruction-led activities, helping employees and students improve their work skills, start their own businesses, or embark on new careers.

How We’re Involved

AV Funds Invested in Aprende

Boundless Immigration provides immigrants with tools, information, and personalized support to navigate the naturalization process. Its service provides new immigrants with access to an immigration lawyer and allows them to file critical paperwork online affordably.

How We’re Involved

AV Funds Invested in Boundless

Fido is a digital lending platform aiming to serve the ~560 million Sub-Saharan Africans who can’t access basic financial services through traditional banks. Powered by machine learning, Fido makes small personal loans through instant credit decisions based solely on a user’s cell phone data. Its technology is entirely automated, highly scalable, and capable of detecting fraud.

How We’re Involved

AV Funds Invested in Fido

SoLo Funds is a peer-to-peer lending platform that relies on a user base of borrowers and lenders. Members lend money to other members to help them cover a bill, and then borrowers pay them back and add a voluntary tip as a sign of appreciation. SoLo Funds caters to people who aren’t typically eligible for traditional personal loans and often resort to expensive and predatory payday loans to cover cash gaps.

How We’re Involved

  • $10 million Series A in 2021 led by ACME Capital, with participation from ​Techstars​ and Serena Williams’ VC fund

AV Funds Invested in SoLo Funds

Ron Levin
Ron Levin
Managing Partner, AV’s Seed Fund & Super Angel Program

Ron has held various entrepreneurial, leadership, and business development roles. He has been an angel investor and advisor to over a dozen startups. Ron was Co-Founder and CEO of TravelPerk, a VC-backed travel management platform that is now a “unicorn” company with thousands of employees and customers across the globe. Prior to TravelPerk, he started the B2B division of, and before that was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. Ron began his career at Lycos, one of the web’s pioneer search engine and web portals. Ron graduated from Babson College and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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